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Timebanking Lauch is Looming - Find Out More

Timebanking allows individuals to match their skills and desire to participate in the community with specific community needs. It operates on the basis of hour for hour; everyone's time is of value, and is equal in value. If you give an hour of your time to your community, you can receive an hour's worth of Timebanking credit in return.

To participate, users sign up to the Timebanking website (link will be posted soon) and post offers and wants for services.

For example, Mrs Gerschwitz may need her dog walked once a week when she's not able to herself; I offer to do this for her for an hour once a week. I log onto Timebanking after each dog walk and claim my hours which are then added to my timebanking account so that I can give them to others who respond to my wants. In regards to something I might like to post as a want, I want to learn conversational Italian by meeting with someone for coffee once a fortnight to talk Italian over coffee. Someone responds to my request, they meet with me, talk Italian then log onto the Timebanking website to claim their hour which is then removed from my account.

Just like the classifieds in the paper, it is up to the user to decide what they want, or don't want to do, we are not obligated to do anything. however, the more we participate, the stronger our community grows.

You may sign up as an individual, a family, an organisation, a community coordinator, etc. If you have any questions about which is for you, please call us on 1300 786 176.

Watch this space for updated info.