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Organisations are invited to become involved in a great opportunity to build on their traditional volunteer pool.

Hunter Volunteer Centre is working with different learning institutions looking to engage students in service learning through volunteering. These programs present an opportunity not only for you to tap into an enthusiastic pool of people from mid teens to mature age students, but to influence their perception of and future involvement in the not for profit sector.

This year HVC is involved with two different programs.
One is funded through the Department of Education and two schools have been chosen to participate. Whitebridge High and Hunter Sports High schools will be engaging year 9 and 10 students in the pilot.
In 2010 all high schools will have the opportunity to become involved.
The second is with Newcastle University through the iLEAD "International Leadership Experience Development Program". These students can choose to volunteer as part of their Experimental Options in Community, Integration and Diversity.
Through these programs your organisation has the opportunity to influence students embarking on life's journey or the more mature student seeking new direction. Through involvement at the coal face, administration or leadership roles, students in service learning can develop an understanding and belief in the voluntary sector through the unique experience you offer.
There may be opportunities within your current volunteering roles or you might develop a special project that one or more students could engage in. Is this a good time to develop projects you have on the back burner, just waiting for the right people?
The students will volunteer for about 20hrs and this may be in a four day period at the end of year or over one or two semesters; it is up to the school how they allocate the time.
In my experience, from last year, the students were very enthusiastic and motivated. To maintain their enthusiasm they need to be provided with exciting projects for their volunteering experience that includes engagement, variety and good direction.
If you are interested in working with The Hunter Volunteer Centre to develop rewarding and exciting opportunities for theses students and have an enthusiastic workforce to support your business contact Carolyn, Sue or Yvonne (Tuesdays) and we would love to work with you to develop projects that are useful and suitable to your organisation.