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The Golden Gurus are here!

The tremendous knowledge and wisdom of the over-50's population is being mobilised through the new national Golden Gurus program, which started on 1 January 2010.
HVC is proud to announce our participation in this program as a Member Organisation, connecting mature age people with opportunities to share their skills and experience with community organisations or small business owners.

GOLDEN GURUS aims to connect volunteers to individuals (including young people, people with a disability or the elderly), or pair them with community organisations to help the community organisation itself to grow.
Member Organisations will also connect suitably skilled mature age people with small business owners as small business mentors. A small business mentor will not work for the business but will help the business owner with networking, to identify areas for business improvement, or to support self-development and growth.

For more information look for our forthcoming "in depth" article on the web site or contact HVC.